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Glorya Kaufman’s Hall at UCLA is the result of the foundation’s contribution to renovate the Dance Hall at UCLA after the earthquake of 1994.

Glorya’s generous contribution created many firsts: The largest gift in the history of dance in America, the largest donation in UC history for the arts, and the first woman in the United States to have her name on an academic building.

Designed in the Italian Romanesque style, the building boasts may rich architectural features that was important to preserve. The Glorya Kaufman Dance Theater on the second floor, a lofty space with a rose window on one end, is the largest of the theaters, seating more than 425 people in a variety of flexible configurations. State-of-the-art sound and lighting equipment has been integrated into the studio spaces of the fully-wiredbuilding.

The Dance Building under construction in 1932, and the unveiled renovations in 2005.

The new and vibrant Glorya Kaufman Dance Theater..

The outdoor Kaufman family theater is a new addition. It has movable seating that allows for public performance, as well as a box office. For rehearsals, the stage can be shut off to create privacy.

This new area will be especially suitable for works that lend themselves to an outdoor setting.